Over thirty years experience in the construction industry. Assignments included cost estimating, scheduling and managing construction projects; consulting on large insured property losses; claim analysis for litigation support (including analysis of schedule delays, productivity and proper cost segregation); design of residential, commercial and industrial structures (timber, steel and concrete).


Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
BS 1976
Major: Civil Engineering


Civil Engineer - California 37275
Civil Engineer - Nevada 18228


- Technical Advisory Committee to the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
(Chairman of Civil and Geotechnical Committees) 1996-2000
- ASCE Member Status
- AGC Northbay District Board of Directors (1992-2002)
- United States Naval Reserve (Captain, Retired)


VHS Associates, Inc.
Novato, California

Aug 1980 - present
Jan 1999 - present


Responsible for management of VHS, assigning of projects and supervision of performance. Project manager for large consulting assignments concerning construction claims and property damage including buildings, marine facilities, dams, pipelines, levees and slope failures. Directly responsible for project planning and estimating for construction and construction management activities. Projects have included large multi-family residential structures including the replacement of elements of post and beam access structures and a major renovation of a large recreation building.

During the aftermath of hurricane Katrina investigated six damaged facilities including one high end private home, one apartment building, one fifteen story office structure, and two and three story commercial office buildings. Damage included the roofs, exterior cladding and substantial interior damage. Some of the facilities had preexisting damage that had to be isolated.

Damage resulted both from high winds and rain, flood damage from New Orleans areas that were inundated and storm surge along the Mississippi gulf coast.

June 1995 - Dec 1998

Vice President:

Project manager for estimates provided to the owners for the Bart Extension to the San Francisco International Airport and the Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency toll road in Orange County. These two projects approach a billion-dollars worth of construction. Of particular interest was the impact to the costs for a section of the BART extension where it had a very narrow right of way. A tight schedule had to be maintained to allow for efficient production.

Responsible for support to the adjustment of approximately 100 million dollars worth of damage to PG&E systems during the winter storms of 1996/1997. This work involved isolating work of interest to the adjusters and estimating the value of the replacement of numerous hydroelectric facilities including dams, canals and roads.

Responsible for the company's construction activities. Project involved the lifting of home to the flood elevation and construction of the new supporting walls and access. Of primary concern was the lifting and shoring in place of the home during the construction work. With multiple projects underway, the scheduling of these projects to allow allocation of resources was critical.

Responsible for providing support to insurance adjusters to settle more than 90 million dollars in losses to hospitals due to the North Ridge earthquake, and fire damages to court houses in the San Francisco Bay area. Both these projects involve estimating of repair cost and well as segregation of the costs into categories that may be affected by the relevant insurance coverage.

Aug 1989 - June 1995

Project Manager & Engineer:

Responsible for managing the rehabilitation work on various condominium and residential projects totaling more than $20 million in construction. This work included both the design phase and the construction phase. The construction phase consisted of redesigning where the actual condition was not what was anticipated, scheduling the work, coordinating the various contractor's activities with each other and the residents and owners and quality control.

Responsible for analyzing concrete work at the Fillmore Center (a fourteen-story apartment) complex to identify problems with the concrete productivity and quality, and the impact to the schedule of various events. Portions of this complex were formed with tunnel forms, while other portions were formed conventionally.

July 1986 - July 1989

Civil Engineer

Provided expert testimony for asbestos removal costs in a large scale condominium project, and for scheduled delays in the construction of a three story parking garage. Participated as a technical consultant in mediation of cases involving seismic deficiencies in industrial structures and schedule delays for a boiler installation project in North Carolina.

Investigating and analyzing various claims involving delays, owner interference and changed conditions for support to litigation. Involved analyzing CPM schedules, evaluating productivity and the effects of various incidents on the cost of construction.

Analysis of repair work of storm damage to identify its cause, timing and extent, and the identification and evaluation of the resulting repairs and their relation to the damage to allow insurance adjusters to determine the appropriate coverage.

Apr 1984 - July 1986

Jobsite Representative:

Onsite representative for preparation of material to analyze the allowable costs for the reconstruction of two hydro electric plants damaged by a landslide. Included reviewing all construction documents, tracking and recording of all work in progress. Identifying and isolating costs of improvements and expediting, and forecasting final costs.

Aug 1980 - Apr 1984

Civil Engineer/Engineer-in-Training:

Investigation of condition and design repair of various marine related structures including fender systems, pile supported catwalks, fuel systems and oil containment facilities at various Naval facilities. Condition surveys of various buildings at Hamilton AFB.

Structural, seismic design, and heat loss analysis for various San Francisco Bay Area residential structures. Structural inspection and analysis to support litigation for faulty workmanship in townhouse construction, San Rafael, California.

Field inspection of pile driving at new Post Office building, Mill Valley, California.

United States Navy
June 1976 - July 1980

Line Officer (Lt.):

Served as Damage Control Assistant on USS MAUNA KEA. Responsible for all damage control including both equipment and training. As Repair Officer, held responsibility for all welding and metal fabrication. Also, handled coordination with shore-based repair activities for repair work beyond ships' company capabilities. Served as Officer of the Deck, and Command Duty Officer during two Western Pacific deployments. As a Division Officer, maintained responsibility for the operation of the repair division of about 20 people.

WALTER K. WEIBEZAHN (Civil Engineer)


Over thirty five years experience in the design of structures for the petroleum, power and transportation industries in the United States and abroad. Projects included refineries, chemical
plants, fossil power plants, airports and bridges. Participation in these projects ranged from detail design through directing and supervising the design effort, and involvement in the estimate, contractual and construction phases.


St. Marys College, California
City College, San Francisco, California
U.C. Berkeley 1957 - Major Civil Engineering

Professional Registration:

Civil California


ICBO Certified Special Inspector - Reinforced Concrete


Certified Member, International Conference of Building Officials
Member, American Concrete Institute
Member, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute


VHS Associates, Inc.
San Rafael, California
Feb 1987 - present

Senior Civil Engineer:

Responsible for the structural design aspects of projects handled by firm. In charge of preparing the design calculations and developing the necessary construction details in the rehabilitation and repair of multi-family building complexes, commercial buildings and single family dwellings. Participates in the analysis of construction insurance claims and in construction litigation cases.

Bechtel Civil & Minerals, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
May 1982 - Feb 1987

Supervising Engineer:

Detail design of two steel girder with concrete deck bridges for a dam project located near Fresno, CA. Supervisor of the design team responsible for all bridges (20) and the utility way structure on the Eastern Province International Airport in Saudi Arabia.

Bechtel Power Corp.
San Francisco, CA
Nov 1970 - May 1982

Senior/Supervising Engineer:

Senior designer and later supervising engineer of the group responsible for the structural design of the following projects:
- Gas to coal conversion at the Gramercy, LA plant for Kaiser Aluminum Fossil power plant for Portland General Electric at Boardman, OR
- Fossil power plant for Union Electric Co. at Rush Island near St. Louis, MA

Bechtel Refinery &
Chemical Div.
San Francisco, CA
Aug 1960 - Nov 1970

Junior/Assistant Engineer:

Occupied progressively more responsible positions in the structural design group. Among the projects worked on were the following:
- Polypropylene plant for Avison Co.
- Refinery for Texaco Corp.
- Chemical plant for Monsanto Co.
- Spent fuel processing plant for Nuclear Fuel Services Co.
- Oil sands extraction plant for Imperial Oil Co.
- Refinery for Petroleos Mexicanos
- Plywood plants for Weyerhaeuser Corp.

Kaiser Engineers
Oakland, CA
Feb 1957 - Aug 1960

Junior Engineer:

Various design responsibilities on several projects, including a steel mill in India, an experimental gas cooled reactor in Idaho, and an ore processing plant in California.



Fifty-five years experience in geotechnical engineering, including forty years in project management of subsurface investigations, foundation design, site development, mass grading, field and laboratory testing, performance monitoring, custom instrumentation design, and forensic studies.


Northwestern University
MS 1959 - Soil Mechanics
BS 1956 - Civil Engineering

Professional Registration:

Civil - California
Geotechnical - California

Professional Affiliations:



VHS Associates, Inc.
San Rafael & Navato, California
Oct 1982 - present

Principal and Senior Consultant:

Design and project administration. Geotechnical analyses and special studies consultation. General civil engineering, forensic review, custom instrumentation design, data acquisition, data presentation, and field direction of engineering services.

Earl B. Hall, Inc.
San Rafael, California
January 1979 - present


Managing principal and chief engineer for geotechnical instrumentation design and instrumentation installation in support of the professional services of Earl B. Hall, Inc.

Earl B. Hall, Inc.
San Rafael, California
June 1977 - Jan 1979

Vice President:

Responsible for all operations of the firm in instrumentation design and instrumentation installation in support of the professional services of Earl B. Hall, Inc.

Geo Testing, Inc.
San Rafael, California
June 1967 - June 1977

Technical Director:

Responsibility for all technical functions of firm including Quality Assurance.

Assistant to corporation president in project management, laboratory administration, and custom instrumentation design.
Director of Research and Development with emphasis on implementation of electrical and electronic systems in soil and rock mechanics instrumentation.

Company representative at over thirty field locations where instrumentation, special testing or engineering studies were being performed.

Project Manager for several hundred custom laboratory testing programs relative to dam design, building foundations, and remedial investigations.

Woodward, Clyde and
Orange, California
Nov 1965 - Jan 1967

Project Engineer:

Management of geotechnical investigations pursuant to engineering reports for foundation design, earthworks and slope stability. Major projects included:

- Water supply reservoir dam study near Laguna Beach, California;
- Ontario Speedway and motor sports complex at Ontario, California;
- Safeway Distribution Center;
- Pacific Telephone microwave installations.

Porter, O'Brien & Armstrong
Los Angeles and Newport Beach, California
Jan 1961 - Nov 1965

Managing Principal Engineer:

Operation and management of materials testing laboratory at Newport Beach, California. Registered professional responsible for engineering and technical reports from laboratory and subsurface investigations. Major activities included:

- Runway pavement design for Orange County Airport;
- Regional soils studies for Irvine Ranch properties, including preliminary review of entire Irvine Industrial Center;
- Soils engineer for 1.5 million cubic yard grading project, Newport Beach, California;
- Member Board of Qualifications Review for Engineering Geologists, Orange County, California.

Laboratory Director:

Manager of large scale soil testing laboratories at various temporary locations in western United States. Principal involvement included:

- All soil testing for Minuteman Missile Site selections in squadrons at Minot and Grand Forks, North Dakota; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Lubbock, Texas;
- Manager and registered professional in charge of materials laboratory at Reno, Nevada with responsibility for concrete and asphalt mix designs; subsurface investigations, geologic studies, and report preparation.

Soil Testing Services &
Testing Services Corp.
Chicago, Illinois
March 1953 - Dec 1960

General staff and project engineering associated with subsurface investigations, foundation engineering reports, regional soil surveys, laboratory testing, and construction control. Some highlights during this period included:

- Early soil investigations for initial O'Hare Airport expansion;
- Bridge and pavement design for the Illinois and Indiana Toll Roads;
- Ontario Hydro Steam Generating Station;
- Drill rig geologist for several hundred soil boring programs.

City of Chicago
Sept 1954 - Dec 1955

Cooperative work program as part of undergraduate studies. Familiarization with hydraulic design, water storage, water treatment and water works operation. Considerable design effort in facility improvement and maintenance at a major water purification plant. Also instrument servicing and temporary plant operations supervision.